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CGP Ep433 Motivation #DreamBIG

#dreambig #glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Feb 27, 2022

What motivates you to get up each morning and do what you do?

Something is driving you to push yourself out of bed. What is it? Do you even know?

Motivation is a tricky subject.

What motivates you is very personal and unique to you.

Some of you have very clearly defined goals and each day you take focussed steps to acquire your goal.

Some of you just do it because you are simply used to doing it and don't know any other way.

A few of you have lost your way and no longer feel motivated to do anything.

Is it in our DNA to be driven? Are some people just wired that way? I go through times when I am highly motivated and excited to get in the office each day.

I also go through times where I feel lost and just went through the motions.

Lucky for me I have been able to identify what drives me and how to get out of a rut if I happen to fall into one. For me its about purpose.

If I have a purpose I have motivation.


In my Coach Glass Mentorship, we explore through our lessons and assignments, each member's purpose and what drives them toward it.

Rarely is it money, fame or power like they have been programmed to believe?

Once we identify the driver we then create a DreamBIG that will fulfil that purpose and give them the skills needed to execute on that dream.

It is an incredibly powerful process that I am honoured to be a part of with my mentorees.

If you need to explore your purpose or need guidance and mentorship to help you accomplish your DreamBIG, we have a group starting up next month.

Simply fill out this application or if you want more information go to

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