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CGP Ep434 What it means to be a Coach!

#dreambig #glisteners coach coach glass podcast Mar 02, 2022

Hi, my name is Jason Glass and I go by the pronoun COACH!

What does it mean to you to be called Coach?


You can't give yourself the name Coach you have to earn it.

Like George Costanza trying to give himself the nickname "T-Bone".

It just won't stick!

You earn the name Coach by earning the respect of your athletes.

Your athletes have to trust you. Not only with their performance but with their heart. When you risk putting out your best efforts in life you become extremely vulnerable.

What if your best isn't good enough? Who is there to pick you up, dust you off and say just the right thing to get you back in the game?

Your Coach!

Who sees your potential and pushes you just outside your comfort zone to illicit positive adaptation?

Once again, it's your Coach.

Other than your parents and grandparents, you rely on your teachers and coaches to be the example.

Good coaches and good teachers provide good examples and mentor their students to be their best.

I have been blessed to have some incredible coaches in my life. Coach Don "Flash" Fleming was my high school phys ed instructor and helped me become the leader I am today.

I was fortunate to have him on the podcast 'CGP Ep366'. Coach Ty Cruz taught me how to help others both on, and more importantly, off the football field.

Coach Al Vermeil 'CGP Ep320' taught me that once you are an athlete's coach you are always their coach. These are just a few examples of coaches who have touched my life.

My mission in life is to inspire others to greatness. I just hope one day my athletes see me the same way I see my coaches. As their mentor and as their Coach! For life.


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