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CGP Ep435 Marinate Your Life

#dreambig #glisteners coach glass podcast Mar 10, 2022

Anything that is worth achieving requires sacrifice.

It can be time, money, effort, security, or your sanity.

The key is making the right goal and understanding the consequences and sacrifices it will take to acquire it.

If you want to have a world-class BBQ you need to marinate the meat first.

Dry rub or vinegar-based doesn't matter. It just needs the right ingredients for the right amount of time to get the desired outcome.

Whiskey and wine aged in a barrel will yield the best results. Age them in your bathtub and you will have hobo hooch!

So the environment matters.

Once you test the outcome you need to make notes, adjust the recipe, time and setting and tweak the next batch.

Life is the same.

Anything you are passionate about requires the right ingredients, skill and time to marinate.

Relationships, raising children, growing your business, mastering your golf game, sculpting your body or balancing your life, all take marinating to get it right.

Problem is, nobody got time for dat! We want it now.

"I want a Masterclass played at 2x speed so I can learn years of skill mastery in 5 minutes. No time to practice, just got to nail the first take. Watch it back, get some feedback, nobody got time for dat...print it. Hey how come nobody likes it? Why aren't people talking about it?"

Well, I'll tell you. I don't have time to waste on half baked ideas that aren't executed to the best of my abilities.

It's not worth it to me, my brand and I owe it to my audience to put my best product out each and every time.

So we work on it, review it, receive constructive feedback from respected peers and then keep working on it.

What product am I talking about? All of them.

Listen and learn if you can find the time.


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