CGP Ep436 Presentation Mastery

#dreambig #glisteners coach glass podcast Mar 16, 2022

So you want to be a professional public speaker?

This is the podcast for you.

Ohh you just want to be able to speak publicly without defecating in your trousers or throwing up on the front row of your audience?

This podcast is for you.

I'm sorry, I miss heard you, you just want to be a better communicator and want to get a word in edgewise in your social circle?

This podcast is for you.

Being a world-class presenter and holding court at a family dinner actually require the same fundamental skills. We have all been in seminars or conferences (remember those?) where the speaker was an industry leader on the topic but failed to deliver it in an entertaining manner.

Or you were at a dinner party where a couple shared their story about their trip to New York...

"No, no, no you tell this part, honey. You tell it better." "Okay as long as you share the story about the subway guy!" "Okay Pumpkin Buns!"

Come on people! Put some pizzazz in it.

You have to learn the art of storytelling.

Even if you are presenting on the pros and cons of latex-free catheters, you need to create a narrative.

And it better not be flaccid.

It all starts with the basic building blocks of the story and creating memorable elements that take the audience for a ride.

I have been presenting professionally for over 20 years. Every year I had to create a new and exciting way to express myself using slideshows and storytelling.

Creating a memorable narrative took up 70% of the work that went into the finished product.

Building a slide show and getting the timing down was the easy part.

Most people use 70% of their time making pretty slides and neglect the story.

These are the people you forget to share in your story about your trip to NYC for that conference. T

he subway guy was more interesting than the keynote speaker! And that is a problem.


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