CGP Ep439 Steroids in Golf?

#glisteners #yojay coach glass podcast Apr 11, 2022

Would steroids help you play better golf?

Isn't the idea of golf performance training to maximize power and speed?

Every sport that requires maximal power and speed output has to watch for athletes cheating.

The most common forms of performance-enhancing drugs include anabolic steroids and growth hormones.

Bigger, faster and stronger in a pill!

So why would golf be any different?

Anyone who has played competitive golf would know what it feels like to grind over a 6-foot putt to either win or make the cut.

Bad time for roid-rage! But you could technically use steroids for a cycle, get your "gains" and then ween yourself off in time for a Major. But, in today's game with FedEx points on the line each week it is critical that you compete in 20 plus tournaments a year.

No time for bulking season!

One benefit and probably the most valuable benefit of steroids is the recovery benefits.

Recover from injury, fatigue from travel or train before and after intense range sessions.

But what are the side effects?

What about Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Lower doses of testosterone for those who have low levels of the hormone.

Where do we draw the line between hormone therapy, injury recovery and performance enhancement?

These questions and more... answered on this week's Coach Glass Podcast!


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