CGP Ep440 Living In The Grey

May 01, 2022
Life is never black or white. We live in the grey. Rules however, need to be black and white. It is your job to decide where on the spectrum your actions will sit. We live in the greys and browns but judge others on the extremes. "Look at that asshole speeding past us like we are standing still!" while you are driving 15 over the limit. "I cant believe that person is not wearing a mask!" While yours is hanging below your nostrils. "Look at her eating a dessert, no wonder she is overweight!" while you sip your 3rd glass of wine. The problem comes when you are living a contradiction. When what you say and what you do conflict. In coaching I love extremes. I teach my athletes to feel the extremes and then execute somewhere between. Want to hit it straight? Lets learn how to hit slices and hooks. Wanna learn how to use your legs in an Olympic Lift? Do a shoulder press without the legs followed by a jump press! Want to be more open minded? Try living the other side of your belief structure for a day. They are right too!

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