CGP Ep442 "Post" COVID Blues

May 04, 2022
This is not a regular Coach Glass Podcast. I wont judge you if you choose to skip this one. Its just the Coach talking about the post Covid blues. Lack of motivation hits me like waves on the California coastline. Some days its 6 foot over head and other days its a ripple in a puddle. When I think back to the grinder I was before the pandemic I realize my lifestyle wasn't sustainable. Working 10 hour days, travelling the globe every second week and squeezing everything I could out of life was who I WAS. The new Jay is getting less done and struggling to find the motivation to achieve that which I once had. I hear this same story from my friends, colleagues and family. Just an overwhelming sense of meh! So this episode is me talking it out and hope it helps you if you are also feeling unmotivated to crush life. Enjoy?


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