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CGP Ep443 Breaking The Blues

May 12, 2022
On the last episode I shared some personal feelings I was experiencing that I can only describe as the "Post" Covid Blues. A lack of drive, joy , and overall motivation to attack life. I knew that it was temporary but at the same time meaningful. Now that I am on the other side of this mental state I can share some perspective on not only what I was dealing with but more importantly how to get out of it. I realized I was falling in to the trap of trying to keep up with everyone's highlight reel on their social media. Somehow I wasn't doing enough in my business, comedy and overall ability to crush life. I felt that whatever I was doing, watching or enjoying was somehow the wrong thing which left me an overwhelming sense of missing out. The key to eliminate this was to disconnect from the source of my FMO. Turn off and tune out the noise. The next step was to reconnect with positive people in my life and enjoy the simple things. I took my kids to San Diego and spent 4 days surfing with my pal Robert Yang and eating burritos till my belly burst! I got to teach Fitness Level 3 for TPI and meet a ton of enthusiastic superstar trainers and helped them enhance their skills. Just being in the ocean and doing what I was put on this earth to do, recharged my batteries. Sitting on the beach watching the waves break made me realize that each wave that broke was one that I could have rode but somehow didn't feel like I was missing out. This is because it was replaced by another wave and another wave. Even when I slept the waves kept pounding the beach at Swami's like it had since the beginning of time and will till the end. Just like the  opportunities I thought I "missed" during Covid. No need to catch up, double down or grind to get back where I was. Just enjoy the wave I am on and ride it to the beach. And then paddle back out and do it again.

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