CGP Ep445 Jealousy & Imposter Syndrome

May 27, 2022
Jealousy is seeing your unrealized dreams in others. Imposter Syndrome is trying to be someone you don't believe you deserve to be. Both of these make you look outside of yourself and compare what you see to your true self. You will only be jealous of things that you feel are attainable. You aren't going to be jealous of Bill Gates but you may be jealous of Bill in your office who got the promotion over you. Imposter Syndrome rears its ugly head when you put yourself into situations over your expertise or if you feel that you have presented yourself to the world in an inaccurate way. Jealous people are usually not willing to do what it took for the person they are jealous of to accomplish the same thing. Imposter Syndrome occurs most often to high achiever perfectionists that never feel like they have mastered their craft. So which one are you? Listen and learn.
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