CGP Ep446 Celebrating Nell Glass

Jun 03, 2022
This week we lost an amazing woman who had a profound impact on my life. She was the matriarch of our family and the principles that she lived her life by have inspired generations. When people look for podcast episodes to listen to, they look for names they recognize in pop culture or experts on a topic of interest. You won't find Nell Glass on Instagram, Wikipedia, or any Google search engine. But I assure you that this conversation will give you incredible perspective and insight into what it means to be human. It has zero references to studies in journals or claim to be the magic pill that will fix all your problems. It will however provide you with insight that you can only gleam by listening to someone who has seen it all. She has lived through World Wars, the Dust Bowl and saw the first automobile drive past her while she was riding her horse to school. The things she has done in her life, allowed her to put what we are currently experiencing into perspective. Rest in peace Nana, you are forever in my heart. 🦋

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