CGP Ep451 Executive Decision

Jul 08, 2022
My wife and I have this thing. We call it the ‘Executive Decision’. If one of us feels the need to plan something, buy something or do something out of the ordinary, the ‘Executive Decision’ is evoked. This is only performed if the decision is so important to the person delivering it, that there can be no disagreement or discussion on the matter. It will be done! 
Two weeks ago my wife unleashed the full power of the ‘Executive Decision’. Executive Orders were delivered and met. What kind of Executive Orders would you deliver to those around you? Would you pull the plug and buy that Peleton you have been trying to justify yourself out of for the past year knowing full well that it would positively enhance the health of your family? Would you go on a solo trip to fulfill that bucket list item that only you would appreciate or take the family on that cross country trek you have been brining up at the end of each summer? Or maybe you are finally ready to make that lifestyle change that is slowly torturing as it sits in the back of your mind. Execute the order! 

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