CGP Ep452 Breaking Bad Habits

Jul 13, 2022
Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Finally ready to make a lifestyle change but the mountainous task seems insurmountable? This weeks podcast will give you the tools to do the most important thing...START! We all have habits that we could change, improve upon or delete from our daily routines. Quitting cold turkey or enrolling the" all in or all out" approach simply does not work, trust me, Ive tried. "So what does work Jay? You seem to have all the answers. You tell me what I should do!" Well if you would just listen... I just might!

Thank you to our sponsors. @mytpi @perform_better Register for all your MyTPI classes here: Fitness Level 3 is May 6-8th Want to buy some equipment? Of course you do! Perform Better @perform_better use code “GLASS15” at checkout to buy your Mace, Kettlebells and bands. I will be speaking at the 2022 Perform Better Summit in Providence Rhode Island Aug 26-28th! Lets GO!!!!

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