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CGP Ep453 Injured or Good to Go?

Jul 22, 2022
You are either injured or you are okay. Those are the only two states I give my athletes when they are competing. There is no grey. You are either 100% and focussed on competing at the highest level or you are injured. Injured means you are not practicing or playing. Simple as that. I know what you are thinking. "There is always grey Jason!" Not in the mind of a competitor who is putting their body on the line. Black or white.
Non competitive times we can have a full spectrum of conditions. We can have everything from being in the process of healing, actively healing, removing limitations, transition toward performance, training for performance, but still never injured. Its a mindset and the mind will dictate the rate and the quality of the healing process. How about you just listen to this podcast episode where I share a ton of example and how we manage the injured athlete on a psychological level.

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