CGP Ep454 STOP Training GO Play!

Jul 29, 2022
Stop training and go play! This episode may anger you. We have been force-fed the notion that training is supposed to be hard and you can't ever stop or you will turn into a weak fat slob. If you are an athlete you need to train every day and constantly be getting faster stronger and more powerful. Grind it out! This is ridiculous. If you are always training, when do you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour? You say you want to "peak for the Majors" but never take time off to allow your body to express its greatness. If you are a nine to fiver who trains to stay young, fit and looking lean you need to actually stop what you are doing to see if your diet and training regime actually works. If taking a break results in you gaining weight and you feeling pain and lethargy then your program sucks! Just listen to this rant and heed my advice.

Train using Coach Glass' revolutionary rotational training programs:
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