CGP Ep459 Performing Better at Perform Better

Sep 08, 2022
This is a feel good episode. Just got home from Perform Better Providence and I am fired up! Back on the big stage sharing my training systems and DreamBIG philosophy gave me an incredible boost. But hanging with my fellow speakers and learning from my peers and mentors gave me a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Kind of like the 'Jelly of the Month Club' " You are a lucky man Clarke!" Inhaled knowledge bombs from Boo Schexnahyder, got inspiration from Todd Durkin, Frank Nash and Brian Nguyen. Hung with my pals Greg Rose, Dan Kleckner, Micheal Edwards, Brandon Marcello, Don Saladino, Peter Twist Martin Rooney and Alwyn/Rachel Cosgrove. And was honoured to have my mentor Mike Boyle and Dan John attending my lecture. I promised to list them in the show notes so now you know! Now stop reading and listen to the podcast!
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