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CGP Ep460 Undeniable Body

Sep 09, 2022
What are you training for? What kind of body are you trying to develop through that training? Want to get bigger, smaller, shorter or taller? Stronger, faster or be a movement master? How you approach your training routine, daily routines, nutrition, and mindset will affect the outcome of the work you put in. What drives me crazy is that most people train just for the sake of training. No outcome in mind or even worse, they are doing things in their training that will lead to a body they never intended in creating. I go DEEEP into this concept in the 3rd part of my book DreamBIG OverDeliver BeUndeniable. Being undeniable requires you to have an undeniable body. A body that can perform all the tasks you want it to complete each day at the highest level. Whether you are a pro golfer or a desk jockey. You need a body that can function without pain, compensation and dysfunction. Listen and learn!

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