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CGP Ep463 Hit The DreamBIG Highway

Sep 28, 2022
Should you take the fastest route or the road less travelled? It doesn't matter, just hit the road Jack! Any destination worth the journey requires you to move your center of mass in the direction of your goal. Where you aim your compass at the start of your 5 year DreamBIG could have a dramatic change in direction 4 years in. The important thing is that you started. I went to college to be a high school PE teacher. By the time I graduated I knew that life was not for me and I ventured out into the world as a strength & conditioning coach. My next target was the NHL and ended up on the PGA Tour! It is like you left Boston with dreams of Hollywood and ended up in San Diego! Still in California but a dramatically different life. The secret is to keep moving forward. Fear of growth and change could leave you in the same dead-end job, or unhealthy relationship or see yourself 5 years from now with the same unquenched thirst for change. My book DreamBIG OVERdeliver BeUNDENIABLE will ensure that not only do you start down the road toward your dreams but that the destination is worth the journey!

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