CGP Ep464 Turn Off Your Autopilot

Oct 07, 2022
If the past 3 years have taught me anything it is that life is unpredictable. We can all agree that nothing in life is guaranteed or follows a script in nature. But somehow when you think about your career or personal development you map it out in a sequential and predictable  format. "Once I get this then I will get that. That will allow me to accomplish this which will make me feel like that." Unfortunately, we often lose momentum or trust in this process due to the inevitable curveballs life throws our way. We then go into autopilot where each day, each month, and each year blend into one. Its like driving to work in a day dream and then shaking yourself out of it and wondering how I got to work without even thinking about the other cars, braking, accelerating and turn signals.
Autopilot is great for getting though mundane life tasks like driving the car or mowing the lawn. Autopilot in your career or personal development will strip you of years of growth. Your intensions and drivers that allow you to express your purpose in life ARE predictable and unchanging. When you focus on things that are in your control, like what drives your passions and desires, everything you do in life is created from this solid foundation. Some call it your "Why". Learn more in this episode where we go DEEEEP into this topic!

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