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CGP Ep465 Vietnam DreamBIG

Oct 14, 2022

I just got home from Vietnam and want to share with my Glistener family all my stories and insight from this incredible journey. The plan was for my wife and me to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in this magical country. What we saw and experienced far exceeded our expectations and opened our eyes to a way of life that everyone needs to experience. There is a strength and resiliency in the eyes of the Vietnam people that is built upon generations of war, hardship and poverty. Suffering can either break you or make you stronger. What I saw was a culture of strength, love and an unbreakable work ethic. I will definitely go back and experience this culture more. I hiked, biked, kayaked, body surfed, swam and dodged a typhoon. Like the first time you taste Pho, you know instantly if it is your thing. This type of adventure is definitely something I need another bowl of.
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