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CGP Ep468 BRACEFACE for Change!

Nov 03, 2022
Applied pressure over a long duration of time yields massive change. I'm coming out of the orthodontic closet. I have braces! There I said it. 49 years old and wearing braces. I didn't just get them, ohh no! I have had Invisalign and now braces for almost 3 years! You didn't notice you say? Ohh that's because I haven't smiled properly since I got them. Hiding them from the world. Like I use to hide my old smile. It probably only really bothered me. No one ever said, "Jay are you British?" But I noticed the twisted choppers every time I saw pictures or watched a video of myself. A fall on the ice, when I was young, provided me with a lifetime of half smiles. At some point, I had enough and was ready to make a change. Change doesn't come instantly. It comes over a long period of time when the right amount of pressure is applied in the right direction. If you have fitness goals, career aspirations or not happy in your personal life. You need to apply the pressure and start things moving! That is what this episode is all about. CHANGE!

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