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CGP Ep48 The Golf Doc: Dr. Harry Sese

coach glass podcast Dec 17, 2014

The key to success in the golf performance industry is to surround yourself with the best professionals in the business and stay in your lane!

This episode is all about Teamwork and how we use the Team concept on the PGA Tour.

Our guest this week is one of my closest friends and my go to medical guy on Tour; Dr Harry Sese. 

Dr. Sese has a very unique skill set and an innate ability to adapt to his environment and deliver the right intervention at the right time for the right athlete.

Add to that his Ninja skills and you have a lethal weapon that can treat your hip flexor with his “People’s Elbow” and finish you off with a spinning roundhouse to the temporal process of your zygomatic bone! (Say that 3 times fast!)

Dr. Sese and I discuss how each team member on the team stay in their lanes and support each other to help the player reach their potential.

Harry is revolutionizing the martial arts world by designing a screening technique and educational certification program (Martial Arts Performance Coach) that determines whether or not the athlete possesses the physical attributes required to compete at the highest level.

From the PGATour to Olympic Taekwondo athletes and everything in between, Harry is making his mark and someone to keep your eye on.

No seriously, don’t take your eye off a Ninja with soft tissue techniques! More info?

Reach Dr. Sese on twitter @TheGolfingDoc, Performance Director of the Washington Golf Performance Institute and Golfletica and

#DreamBig #DontBlockWithYourFace and be #Undeniable. Cheers #CoachGlass


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