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CGP Ep485 What Are You Even Doin?

Mar 11, 2023
Do you even know why you do what you do? Usually its a product of what you are comfortable with due to the fact you have always done it that way. From your career to the exercises you choose in the gym. You do what you are already good at. I challenge you to look at your actions from the outside looking in and question everything. Remove the ego and be open to the idea that what you are doing may not be the right approach. I have always said that true strength comes from identifying your weaknesses and doing something about it. You will never identify your weakness if you don't allow yourself to be wrong. I always look to remove limitations before I add performance variables. I do this both in training athletes and mentoring my Mentorees. Do a deep dive into the why and then remove the performance barriers before adding anything to the mix. In training we do this via the physical screen/assessment. In my Mentorship we do it through the Home Study portion of the program. The key is asking the right questions to identify the weakness and understand why it exists. Once the weakness is removed we can start to maximize your potential. Very powerful!
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