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CGP Ep486 #YOJAY Why Do We Train?

Mar 21, 2023
I have a #YOJAY to ask myself. In other words, I have questions that run through my mind that need answering. The problem is that my answers are coming from my singular perspective. This perspective determines my beliefs and influences my actions. It is not until we are introduced to a different perspective that our beliefs can be altered. My question is, why do we train? Seriously! What are we training for. If you are not an athlete or have a job/hobby that requires physical exerction, why would we stress our bodies the way we do in the gym? I have a skewed viewpoint because i am a strength coach. I am like a drug dealer who only sees addicts and who gets high off his own supply. This limited perspective would have you think that the whole world lives this life or a version of this. Rarely do we take a step back and look at the other ways we can live our lives. Hopefully this episode will answer my question to myself. I also share some fun comedy club stories for those of you who ask for more behind the scenes stories about the life of a comic!
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