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CGP Ep494 Elastic Eccentric Loads

Jun 01, 2023
I experiment in my gym each week with different ways to load the body in an attempt to make it Xplode! Add a load to the body and the body will adapt to that load. But no all loads are created equal! You have different ways for the body to handle the load. Different types of contractions to manage the loads. Concentric (yawn), Isometric (double yawn) and most exciting, Eccentric (Gahhdouche). Eccentric contractions are where the muscle is actively lengthening. Think about slowly lowering a mountain climber on a rope. The rope is getting longer but it is always under tension. This illicit incredible adaptation in the muscle fibers. This makes you LoadXplode faster. Want to hear some of my favourite Eccentric exercises? Wanna hear how I add elastic components to the eccentric training? you? Well listen up Sonny Boy!

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