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CGP Ep508 Stoked For Change

Jan 01, 2024
Happy New Year! Some of you have already failed at your resolutions. Others of you are days away. It's okay, you still rule! 2024 is your year. Setting resolutions is not the answer. Not doing this or reducing that doesn't work. Creating what you want to do instead of what you want to stop doing is a 1000% more effective approach. This is how it works:
"I want to play the best golf of my life in 2024. To do this I need to commit 20 minutes each day to my body and skill development. As a byproduct, I will drink less, lose weight and create healthier routines." Or at least you will give yourself a chance!
Life is impermanent and always changing. You can't predict or control everything in your life. That is what makes it so exciting. But not having any plan is leaving your entire future to chance. When I look back at the goals I had for 2023 they seem almost obvious. The funny thing is, what I wrote down in January of 2023 seemed impossible at the time. They all became a reality. Sure.... some other challenges, successes and failures came out of nowhere through out the year. But the things I focussed on happened. The checklist items were scratched off each week which culminated in forward movement toward my DreamBIG.
What is your DreamBIG? Commitment to your career, your hobbies, your health, your relationships or giving yourself a chance at your personal greatness? Or something bigger?
This week's podcast will give you a positive kick in the keister. 2024 is your year if you accept the challenge. 

Want an even bigger kick up the caboose? Start your 5,3,1 DreamBIG. It is all right here. You just need to open the book. DreamBIG The Book


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