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CGP Ep509 The Future of SuperSpeed with Michael Napoleon

Jan 20, 2024
Want to know the future of speed in the game of golf? Team @superspeedgolf have been on the forefront of the speed industry for over a decade. They push the limits of what is possible with science based products that work. This episode we have Super Speed creator Michael Napoleon on the show. He shares with us how the future of speed training couldn't be more important than it is right now! Golf is trying to roll back the ball and rob players of distance. Super Speed is off setting that by improving the training protocols and systems that make players faster.

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This week's podcast will give you a positive kick in the keister. 2024 is your year if you accept the challenge. 
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Michael Napoleon PGA, Striving to continually innovate modern coaching methodology, Michael Napoleon believes deeply that truly expert coaches produce lasting positive change with very little input. For years Michael owned and operated a golf performance academy called Catalyst Golf Performance in the Chicago area. Catalyst incorporated golf coaches, golf fitness professionals, rehabilitation experts, nutritionists, and club fitters under one roof to provide a comprehensive one stop shop for improvement. In 2012, Michael began product R&D on an Overspeed training product called the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, released in the fall of 2014. Since the launch SuperSpeed Golf has become a global brand and a new standard for speed. Now with over 100,000 touring professionals and 300,000 amateur golfers working with SuperSpeed Golf, Michael and his team at SuperSpeed are making a distinct impact on the games of golfers all over the world. Michael speaks regularly at seminars, coaching summits, teaching symposiums, and many other events with the primary goal of educating fellow professionals about not only speed training, but also business strategy, golf biomechanics, and coaching science.

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