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CGP Ep510 Integrating Performance Habits

Jan 25, 2024
How you plan your practice could be more important than the practice itself. If you want to increase your performance you need to identify what needs to be fixed and then create a habit that will ensure it becomes part of your practice. Too many of you are allowing outcomes to dictate what gets your focus. You may start your session wanting to work on one thing and at the end you are at the bottom of a rabbit hole you never intended. Use my system for integrating performance habits.
1. Identify an area that needs attention.
2. Design a solution with specific, detailed and objective outcomes.
3. Visualize what it will feel like to complete the plan.
4. Start!
This may seem simple because it is. But only if you complete each step. Most of you will skip the most important one! #3. Listen to this week's podcast and get started.
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