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CGP Ep512 Road To COMEDY

Feb 29, 2024
Most people avoid pain and suffering at any cost. Others chase it! Skin your knee skateboarding? You either quit or you climb back up the staircase and give that rail another try. Stand in front of a 150 drunk comedy fans and bomb? Normal, psychologically balanced individuals would walk off with their tail between their legs, never to grace the stage again. But a comic has a different reaction. There is a dark hole inside them that needs to be filled. Like the adrenalin rush of landing a 12 stair backside smith grind, landing a joke briefly quenches the comedians thirst for killing on stage.
I get asked a lot about what it is like to do stand up and how I got started. Coming off an incredible weekend of comedy at the World Famous YukYuks I thought I would share my Road to COMEDY. Want to journey down this lonely highway of bombs and laughs yourself? Get a helmet and some knee pads. Its going to be a bumpy ride.

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