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CGP Ep513 Reframe Your Brain For Performance

Mar 13, 2024

Why is it that you can remember shanking it on the 17th hole at the Players Championship 3 years ago but can't remember what you had for lunch 3 days ago? Memories are deepened when we attach emotion to them. Positive or negative, our emotions add stickiness to our past. This can be a problem when we allow these emotionally charged memories to affect our future. The secret to maximizing your performance is to reframe the negative memories and turn them into positives! You are not your thoughts and your thoughts are not you. Your thoughts, however, dictate your actions. Your actions create habits and your habits create the person you are. As Nick Cannon famously said, "You are what you consistently do." I think it was Nick that said that while signing his 17th kid's birth certificate? Ill check on that quote and get back to you. In this episode we go DEEEP into the mind and teach you how to remove those negative thoughts that pop up right before you shoot your shot. And I am not talking just about golf!

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