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CGP Ep79 Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy”

#glisteners coach glass podcast Jun 25, 2016

Should you burn your benches? #BURNYOURBENCHES!

Is the bench press archaic or one of the most important exercises for expressing push strength?

I thought who better to ask than #PowerLifting fanatic and strength coach Bret Contreras.

Bret is a very outspoken fitness blogger who isn’t afraid to mix it up with the big boys!

We debate the finer things in strength training, rotational power and why he is known around the World as #TheGluteGuy.

We also talk about how coaches like Mike Boyle and experts like Dr Stuart McGill influenced the way we think about rotation and why some of these tenants don’t hold true. (BTW…. Boyle is right!)

What does hypertrophy have to do with strength? Is there a linear relationship? Its conversations like this get me fired up and excited about diving deeper into the world of strength and conditioning.

Can’t wait for the @perfrombetter Chicago Summit where I will have a chance to speak with my colleagues and debate these topics in more depth!

Listen, learn and enjoy!

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