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CGP Ep82 Glass&Gill Show Coaching in 3D

#glisteners coach glass podcast golf fitness performance coaching Jul 15, 2015

Technology is moving faster and it's helping our athletes move faster!

The problem is that some coaches are losing the ability to coach because they are relying solely on the tech and not their gut!

The Skyman and the Glassman have been using 3D motion capture, force plates, and launch monitor systems to analyze athletic performance for the past 10 years. It has helped us analyze some of the greatest athletes of the past decade but…….. it is only a tool.

The one thing technology will never replace is the coach!

In this episode of the #CoachGlassPodcast Lance and I discuss in detail how we use technology (Focus on 3D Motion Capture) to help us COACH!

There is a time to share technology with your athlete and a time to use the technical analysis to just validate your gut feeling.

A great coach knows when to share and when to shut up! Listen, learn and as always with a Glass & Gill Show, sit back relax and pour yourself a stiff one.

We are going on a ride!

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