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CGP Ep96 Dr. Liam Hennessy Yoda of Strength & Conditioning

#glisteners coach glass podcast exercise tips golf fitness performance coaching Oct 20, 2015

If you asked me to list the greatest minds in Strength and Conditioning this man would be in my top 3!

He is a dear dear friend of mine who I affectionately call my Yoda! I guess that makes me a handsome Luke Skywalker.

I sit down with Coach Liam for a “civilized cup of tea” and turned the mics on for your listening pleasure.

He has coached some of the greatest athletes on earth and shares with us the secrets of his trade.

Cryotherapy, sleep & travel techniques and how to put your knowledge into practice to enhance human performance.

Dr. Hennessy founded Setanta College which is an industry leader in online education for human performance specialists.

This man is a University of knowledge in himself and we were lucky enough to have him on the show!

So put the kettle on and sit back and enjoy this cup of goodness! 

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