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Coach Glass Coffee for my Next Level Members

#glisteners coach glass podcast next level members nutrition video archives video for athletes Sep 30, 2015
Coach Glass Coffee for my Next Level Members
I love my coffee! I got switched on to Bullet Proof Coffee about 2 years ago and thought what the H is this? Grass Fed Butter in your coffee? MCT Oil? What is going on here? Well I tried it and loved it! You see the fats in the MCT Oil which is a derivative of Coconut Oil offers the brain a healthy dose of high octane fuel. MCT stands for Multi Chain Triglycerides. Grass fed butter is added as another source of fat that can slow the absorption of the caffeine and keep you satiated longer. Grass fed butter is also known to reduce adipose tissue and increase the good cholesterol. Your next question might be how do they get that butter to eat the grass? Don’t be embarrassed I asked the same thing! Cows in fields are happy cows and happy cows make nice dairy. Nice dairy makes happy butter and happy butter makes me ….. well happy!
Here are a couple of my favourites:
Coach Glass Latte
Coach Robert Yang challenged me inEpisode 93 of the Coach Glass Podcast to remove the dairy from my coffee for 1 month and I must admit. I don’t miss it! But on a chilly fall afternoon I may just latte it up again! Till then I am enjoying the Americano!
Coach Glass Americano

Here is a quick video on how to make your #GrassFedBuddaInDeCoffeeOvaDer


I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I enjoy them! Cheers Everybody!
Coach Glass

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