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Coach Glass Dynamic Warm Up for Golf (Basic Version)

exercise tips exercises golf fitness video archives Apr 16, 2014

**Next Level Members go straight to the Advanced Dynamic Warm-Up for Golf Video**
Coach Glass Dynamic Warm-Up: You want to move better, feel better and play better golf?
You need to properly prepare your body for the round of your life!
Most of you consider pulling into the parking lot and pulling out your big stick on the way to the 1st tee, a warm-up.
That warm up is almost as bad as the line you deliver when you greet your foursome.
“Whats the course record and where's the cart girl? Im thirsty for victory!”
This is a recipe for a disaster. Both for your golf game and your friendship with the only 4 people who will tolerate you for more than 5 holes!
Get to the course early, perform the Coach Glass Dynamic Warm-Up and tip the cart girl (she is trying to pay her way through college!) Your warm-up should be easily repeatable and performed every time you play and practice.
Routine breeds success. The Coach Glass Dynamic Warm-Up for Golf will:
  • Elevate your body temperature.
  • Maximize muscle length and suppleness.
  • Stimulate your nervous system.
  • Hit all the golf muscles and take your joints through the optimal range of motion required to play your best!
  • Leave you feeling like you already hit a bucket of balls!
Watch the video and follow along.
Share it with your friends that you like and keep it away from your playing partners.
Once you have it mastered it go to and sign up for the Next Level where you will receive the Coach Glass Advanced Dynamic Warm-Up and full yearly training plan for golf performance. It's the bomb!!!!
Yeah, that just happened. Enjoy your round and leave a comment, give a thumbs up and share this if you want more videos designed to help YOU with your golf game!
Cheers Coach Glass

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