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Coach Glass WGFS TED Talk

coach glass live lecture series golf fitness performance coaching tpi jason glass performance lab video for athletes video for coaches what’s new Nov 02, 2014

If you missed the World Golf Fitness Summit you can watch the TED Talks we did on the @mytpi Youtube channel.

It was a ton of fun and a unique opportunity to perform a 12-minute talk to 750 people. If you know the Glassman you know I like to talk.

Taking a topic that would normally be a 1-hour @PerformBetter Summit topic and boil it down to 12 minutes was a challenge.

The TED Talks were followed by a 1/2 hour Hands-On session. During the hands-on I focused on 3 exercises for Scapular Stability and 3 exercises for the Pelvic Powerhouse.

Keep an eye out for a video that Lance Gill and I created for @KVest3D on this very subject. Hope you enjoy this video.

Leave a comment and for all you Next Level Members I will be online to answer any of your questions.

Check the @jasonglasslab twitter thread for upcoming YoJay chat times! #CoachGlass

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