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#DreamBIG 22

#glisteners coach glass podcast Mar 05, 2018

It's time for you to police your negative thoughts and comments about others.

It is time you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you get so much enjoyment out of building support from those around you to cut the legs out from your competitors/colleagues and those with a different philosophy, gender or race.

This Week’s Task: This week I want you to stop yourself before diss or hate on people in your life or atlas reflect upon the act after the fact.

Ask yourself what you get out of this act? What do you gain besides making yourself feel better at someone else expense? Awareness is half the battle. What you choose to do with that information is up to you. I know you will do the right thing in the end!

FYI: The #DreamBIG series is a quick motivational kick in the keister!

The #DreamBIG episodes are 6-12 minute dream big segments that are bite-sized and easy to digest. If you follow them from week to week you will have a game plan that will help you tackle life at the highest level. A personal performance roadmap!

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