#DreamBIG Five

#glisteners coach glass podcast Oct 16, 2017

In this episode, we dive DEEP into finishing your year with some serious overdelivering.

If you break up your year into 1/4’s and see what you can accomplish in those 90 days.

There is no goal that is too big. You can accomplish anything if you break down the workload into 90 digestible parts.

Now it's not that easy. The media, your friends, family, the holidays and your own internal questioning of your abilities are all going to try and tear you away from accomplishing these tasks.

So this week’s task. Break down the next 90 days into actionable tasks and finish the year with a WIN!


FYI: The #DreamBIG series is a quick motivational kick in the keister!

The #DreamBIG episodes are just the 4-10 minute dream big segments that are bite-sized and easy to digest. If you follow them from week to week you will have a game plan that will help you tackle life at the highest level. A personal performance roadmap!

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