#DreamBIG Four

#glisteners coach glass podcast Sep 25, 2017

The #DreamBIG series is a quick motivational kick in the keister!

The #DreamBIG episodes are just the 4-10 minute dream big segments that are bite sized and easy to digest. If you follow them from week to week you will have a game plan that will help you tackle life at the highest level. A personal performance roadmap!

In this episode, we dive DEEP into what currency is driving you in your daily actions.

So many of us assume that money is what we work for.

You all say money isn’t everything but your actions tell me otherwise. We get caught up in the rat trap of making more, spending more, building more, acquire more. But when I ask you what really matters in life you tell me “Friends, family and freedom!”

So why doesn’t your daily checklist reflect that drive for the currency of time, connections and freedom?

Your homework this week?

Take an hour out of your day to go somewhere special and reflect on what currency in your life REALLY matters and then build a checklist that reflects that currency.



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