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#DreamBIG Six

#glisteners coach glass podcast Oct 23, 2017

Are you still throwing a pity party for yourself?

In this episode, we dive DEEP into removing the negative people in your circle that promote and propagate mediocrity.

Highlight the people who force you to grow and push you to expand your skillset and identify the cheerleaders in your life.

The negative Nancy's are like an anchor holding you back while the forward-moving power people in your life are passing by you at the speed of success!

This week’s task is to make a list of all the people in your life and identify what category they live in

. I'm not asking you to remove anyone from your life but instead identify them and engage in them in the manner in which they interact with you and your goals. Allocate more time with the productive people while on task and take Nancy out for a beer after your workday is DONE!


FYI: The #DreamBIG series is a quick motivational kick in the keister! The #DreamBIG episodes are just the 4-10 minute dream big segments that are bite-sized and easy to digest. If you follow them from week to week you will have a game plan that will help you tackle life at the highest level. A personal performance roadmap!

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