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#DreamBIG Two

#glisteners coach glass podcast Aug 08, 2017
The #DreamBIG series is a quick motivational kick in the keister!
Each solo Coach Glass Podcast episode ends with a dream big speech to finish the show. The #DreamBIG episodes are just the 4-10 minute dream big segments edited and presented on their own! Bite-sized and easy to digest. If you follow them from week to week you will have a game plan that will help you tackle life at the highest level. A personal performance roadmap!
In this episode (from CGP Ep195) we dive DEEP into focus and the effects of keeping your eye on the process and not the prize.
The old saying “Keep your eye on the prize” results in the prize freeing itself from your hook! Focus on the “C”! What you need to do is focus on the process!

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