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Dynamic Movement Matrix

next level members the next level program video archives Oct 20, 2016

The Movement Matrix is a perfect 4 min warm-up that will prep the body for your power session. Your nervous system will light up when it is put under the challenging change of directions in the sagittal, frontal and transverse plane.

We start each movement with the arms overhead holding a light dowel or in a pinch just hold your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don’t care!

Having the arms up creates a longer lever that the core has to control during the abrupt change of directions. The goal is to jab and change direction as fast as possible. Great athletes will at first try to keep the dowel in 1 place and move underneath it.

This is not the goal of the exercise! The goal is to warm up the body for dynamic movement so have the dowel move or translate with the body. Once you have performed the movement with the hands overhead, resisting movement, it is time to add movement. You have earned the right to rotate! On the rotational movements, you want the dowel at chest height and moving horizontally in relation to the floor.

The goal is to not just move as fast as possible, but instead change direction as fast as possible. Complete the matrix and then progress through your power workouts. It is a great way to warm up the body but more importantly warm-up and activate the nervous system! The true benefits of this warm-up come from the challenge put on the core, pelvic control and scapular stability during the changes of direction.

During the resisting rotation movements, your arms are overhead to create a longer lever, hence increasing the demands on the stabilizers aforementioned.

This warm up will wake you up from your tip to tail. Every muscle, tendon and ligament will be interacting with your CNS to prepare you for your upcoming workout. So stop reading and get to work!

You are now permitted to Load and Xplode! Enjoy your session!


Here is a printable PDF for your reference: NL Movement Matrix

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