Egoscue Patch The Full Movie

coaching tips & techniques next level members video archives Jul 05, 2016

This video is a special Next Level full feature film.

This is the full-length version with all the coaching cues and technique notes from my experience on the PATCH with the Egoscue Master Brian Bradley.

Pay close attention to the exercises, physical demands placed on the athlete, the effect of limitations on the efficiency of movement and the coaching cues used to correct my form and technique deficiencies.

Your first thought might be “Ohh thats great Jay but we don’t have anything like the PATCH in my community”

Yes you do!

Can you bear crawl, crab crawl, step up, lunge walk and do handstands?

I have modified this training experience at my LAB using logs, dowels, steps and curbs. I am waiting for my portable PATCH system to arrive which you can order from Brian.

Connect with me if you are interested and we will get you a special Next Level deal for you!

This program along with the correctives he provided me from the Egoscue assessment have literally changed the way I think and move.

Everyone can benefit from moving better.

Take these concepts and run with it! You will thank me later…. or thank Brian! @TheMovementNerd

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