5 Expert Excerpts: Episode 2 (Coaches Only!)

experts Jun 29, 2020

Welcome to the Episode 2, this one is specifically for any coaches, trainers, therapists and teachers... 

  1. First up we dive into the art, preparation and vulnerability that comes with establishing a connection.
  2. Next up we talk to Milo Bryant about junior coaching and athlete development.
  3. Then we examine the role of influencing your clients with integrity and no sleaze.
  4. We also talk to the world class strength coach Mitch Sadowski about navigating your athlete's path and your role in their life.
  5. Lastly we discuss mentors and how you go about finding your bullsh#t beacons. 

If this is your first time on JasonGlassLab.com then take a look around and talk to us in the chat if you have any questions. 


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