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Feel Better Play Better Series: Kinoga

exercise tips exercises golf fitness next level members performance coaching video archives video for athletes Mar 11, 2015


The Kinoga is an exercise program that can be used as a workout, warm-up or cool down.

I came up with the Kinoga while working on some mobility and stability corrective exercises while removing some limitations i found in my FMS and TPI Level 1 Screen.

When I taught these correctives to my clients I found they flowed into a routine that turn out to be a great workout!

The word Kinoga comes from Kinetic Yoga. I knew that asking my young college athletes to do Yoga was not going to be popular so I called it Kinoga.

Over the years the Kinoga has evolved into its own entity.

People all over the World use the Kinoga for warming up their bodies before golf or cooling down after a great workout.

In coming months I will be releasing new versions of the Kinoga as it is constantly evolving.

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the YoJay section!

This video is from the Feel Better Play Better Video Series that I made a few years ago.

That DVD series is no longer available for sale so I decided to post these workouts exclusively for my Next Level Members.

Cheers! Coach Glass

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