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Hip Flexion

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I believe it was NAS who said that sleep was the cousin of death. On a more positive note: Hip flexion is the cousin of one of the most powerful movements in sport... hip extension! We know that training the opposite side enhances the primary side power output. Training flexion enhances the body’s ability to create power in extension.
That's why this video series will show you how to use hip flexion drills from the standing “ready” position. You may gloss over this and only see it for the exercises that may look common at first glance. Upon further investigation you will see that the “anti” squat or performing the squat pattern with the resistance coming from above will actually change the muscles you are working on and improve your ability to load.
Let's look at 2 different versions of the squat pattern:
Traditional Body Weight Squat:
Take a traditional body weight squat for instance. Gravity is always a form of resistance pulling you down to the ground. Your hip extensors are acting as a braking system by slowly eccentrically contracting and lowering safely into the bottom position of the squat. To get back up to your starting position you will now concentrically contract the same muscles you used to control your decent. (Glue Max, Quadriceps)
Body Weight Drop Squat:
In the body weight drop squat the athlete is encouraged to get to the bottom of the squat as quick as possible. The nervous system has to create contractions in muscles that will allow the athlete to defend to the bottom of the squat faster than gravity would actually pull them. To do this the body will fire the opposite muscles used in the traditional squat. The hip flexors and hamstrings will fire to pull the torso down toward the ground at speed.  At the bottom of the squat the gluten and quads are put under enormous amounts of load as they quickly try and throw on the brakes. This is true deceleration training at its finest!
Bonus Video:
Make sure you watch the Bonus video from our good friends at Performance One. Hip Flexion Mobility techniques are covered to help you create a proper hip hinge. A good hip hinge will enable you to perform the featured videos better.

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