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LOADED: Explosive Rotational Power DVD

golf fitness next level members the next level program Jun 01, 2017


Explosive Rotational Power

 Gathering 3D Motion Capture files form the world’s best golfers has revealed 3 key elements to creating explosive rotational power.

  1.    Sequencing
  2.    Pelvic Powerhouse
  3.    Segmental Stabilization

Knowing that all three components of rotation have to be present to create an efficient and powerful swing, we need to learn how to train each component and maximize our golfer’s ability to create explosive rotational power (ERP).


The first key to ERP is sequence. The 3D kinematic sequence graph showed us that a powerful and efficient golf swing requires proper sequencing of each segment of the body in both the loading and unloading phases of the swing. Before we look at the sequencing of rotational sports it is easiest to understand the concept of sequencing in a linear model and then transfer the same principles to the rotary model.

Linear model:

The ultimate expression of power is the vertical jump. The sequence of the vertical jump has to be correct to maximize the height of our jump. If you try jumping using your arms as the driver of the movement followed by the legs you will struggle to create any power. We see this same sequence in our high handicappers who lack distance in their golf game. Teaching the proper loading and unloading sequence for the vertical jump will help your student understand the loading and unloading of their golf swing.

Linear Model

Vertical Jump Loading Sequence Vertical Jump Unloading Sequence
Arms Legs
Thorax Pelvis
Pelvis Thorax
Legs Arms


Rotary Model:

Golf Swing Loading Sequence Golf Swing Unloading Sequence
Club Legs
Arms Pelvis
Thorax Thorax
Pelvis Arms
Legs Club


Sequencing Exercises

Olympic lifts, kettlebell exercises, multi jointed lifts and plyometric training all require proper sequencing, speed and timing to be perform properly. When developing exercises to help our athletes understand proper sequencing it is helpful to use weights that would make it difficult to lift if the proper sequence wasn’t initiated. Once they have mastered the sequencing for each exercise you can lighten the loads and encourage speed. Here are some great exercises for teaching your golfer proper sequencing.

180 jumps

Upright row

Kettlebell snatch

Squat press/rotational squat press

Vertical Jump

180 Jumps/ 360 Jumps

Squat Press (Medball)

Rotational Squat Press (Medball)

Single Arm Press w/Rotation (Dumbell)

Open Close Gap Belt Loop (Dowel)


Pelvic Powerhouse

 At TPI we have  2 screens that focus on proper pelvic movement.

  1. Pelvic Tilt Test
  2. Pelvic Rotation Test

The Pelvic Powerhouse is the combination of these 2 screens and demonstrates impact position of the golf swing. The downswing is initiated with disassociation of the pelvis from the thorax. The pelvis continues to rotate and posteriorly tilt at impact.  This movement requires contraction of the abdominals and glutes, the King and Queen of the golf swing.

Pelvic Powerhouse Exercises

To properly teach the pelvic powerhouse you first need to screen your athlete and see if they have sufficient mobility and stability to perform the 2 movements. If they are limited in one or both movement patterns you need to go back to your Removing Limitations phase. If they clear both the pelvic tilt and pelvic rotation tests we can now strengthen and add speed to those movements.

Pelvic Powerhouse Exercises

Band Stork/pelvic rotation turns

Kettlebell Swings & 180 Swings (Kettlebells)

Stork Turns (Dowel)

Open Close Gap (Dowel)

FMT Pelvic Rotation (FMT)

FMT Int/Ext Hip Rotation (FMT)

Plank with Cross Knee Drive

Medball Shotput (Medballs)


Segmental Stabilization


The 3D kinematic sequence graph showed us that power is produced by each segment of the body accelerating and decelerating, transferring energy to the next segment. For this transfer of energy to be maximized, the previous segment has to stabilize for the next segment to push off of it. In TPI Fitness Level 2 we learnt how to correct unstable movement patterns by pre-activating the core, moving without core pre-activation, pre-activating with resistance, and finally adding resistance without pre-activation of the core. Now we will add exercises that will make each segment not only stable but also bulletproof.

Rainbow Pass (Medballs)

Lateral Lunge with Overhead Press (Medballs)

1-2-3 Bound and Stick

Glute Med Wall Press

Overhead Tall Kneeling Step Outs (Dowel)

Turkish Get Up (Kettlebells)

Working with the 3 key elements to Explosive Rotational Power will highlight weaknesses in your athletes’ physical power make up. Once you find an area that they struggle with you will need to spend more time on those particular exercises. Once your athlete has mastered Sequencing, the Pelvic Powerhouse and Segmental Stabilization you will see an increase in power in their golf swing. This newfound power should be effortless and non-conscious. What happens in the gym stays in the gym and should naturally transfer on to the golf course.

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