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LXP2 High Threshold 6

next level members the next level program Aug 24, 2018

Downloadable PDF: LoadXplode High Threshold 6

High Threshold 6 should only be performed by those of you who have completed LoadXplode Phase 1 and have been working your way through LXP2.

There are moves in this video that are very advanced and should NOT be performed by a novice.

This is the first time we start to delve into the world of movement for the sake of bulletproofing vulnerable positions in your sport.

We always train with perfect form to protect us from injury. But in our sport we put our body into vulnerable positions overtime we strike a ball, change directions, load and explode!

So we need to train in these positions so we can become as efficient as possible in those positions.

I know efficiency doesn’t sound sexy but if I can perform a task at 30% less effort than you can I have reserved energy to repeat that action again or I can potentially use that energy to do the task at hand faster! 

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