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Next Level Breathing & Bracing

coaching tips & techniques exercise tips next level members performance coaching video archives video for athletes video for coaches Feb 12, 2015


Functional Diaphragmatic Breathing is a #HotTopic!

Do you truly understand the depth of this topic or are you just inhaling the tag lines?

The diaphragm is an amazing organ which not only helps us breathe but is also a massive contributor to true core strength and spinal stability.

I spend so much time working on this primitive movement with my athletes to ensure proper core control that I thought I should make a video about it for my Next Level members!

You need to have ownership over this before you move on to the sexy exercises. You train for events that happen a few times during your sport but neglect what you do every minute of every day! Breathe!!!!!

Take the time to learn the techniques I share in this video before moving forward to the next level of your training!

If you want some more info check out the amazing conversation I had with Dr Brandon Marcello on the #CoachGlassPodcast and the Locals Only Podcast! Breathe deep and dive in! #CoachGlass

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