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This video is Level 1 T-Spine. The goal here is to lay the foundation of good quality T-Spine function before we add strength, power and speed to our rotational movement patterns in Levels 2,3 & 4. Jumping ahead and skipping Level 1 is not an option. You need to make sure the spine is ready for the loads we will be adding in the higher levels. Level 1 is a corrective or maintenance practice. This means there are no sets or reps. It's not how many it's how well are you moving. Quality over quantity! Practice the exercises featured in this video every day.

If you are struggling and using this as a corrective exercise, stay at level 1 for as long as you need. If you are using it as a body prep or maintenance exercise, move to Level 2 when you feel you are moving with good form, mobility, stability and freedom. Use the #YOJAY section or comment below to share your progress and thoughts with your fellow Coach Glass Community Members.

LEVEL 1 TSpine

Here is a printable PDF for your reference. Take it to the gym once you have followed along with the video a few times. It's always a good idea to go back to the video periodically to refresh your memory on the little coaching cues and exercises nuances.

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