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Next Level | Level 2 T-Spine

next level members the next level program video archives May 12, 2016


This video is Level 2 T-Spine. In the Level 1 video, we focussed on T-Spine Mobility. In Level 2 we focus on High Threshold and Joint Integrity exercises. Simply put, we are preparing the T-Spine for strength and power training. You may notice the lack of rotational exercises. You have to earn the right to rotate! We are laying a layer of spinal control by training Anti-Rotation. Reps and sets do not come in to play in this video. If you are one of those people who need structure? Try 12 reps of each exercise to start then increase the reps as you get accustomed to the movements. These exercises can be performed daily and multiple times a day if you feel like you need it. Perform these exercises for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks before moving to Level 3 T-Spine which will focus on T-Spine Strengthening exercises. Use the #YOJAY section or comment below to share your progress and thoughts with your fellow Coach Glass Community Members.

Tspine Level 2 image
Here is a downloadable PDF for you to print and take with you to the gym! Level 2 T-Spine

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